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Undernail art is the new nail art

Published: October 15, 2014 - 12:00AM

We first spotted the flip manicure on Adele at the 2012 Grammy Awards. The singer walked the red carpet with a manicure that matched her crystal-studded Christian Louboutins. Celebrity manicurist Mike Pollock painted the top of her talon-length fingertips sparkly silver and the underside a glossy red, mimicking the iconic soles.

Naja Nail Guru has also dabbled with the look, posting a photo of some glittery undersides amongst the Confucius and Gandhi quotes on her Instagram.


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Taking to the trend like gangbusters, Christian Louboutin has just released Loubi Under Red (pictured, top), which lets you achieve the look at home. The exxy lacquer helps you paint underneath the nail with a tiny, patented, pointy sponge-tip brush that deposits just the right amount of polish. Why dig out the grime when you can paint over it?

That said, you don’t have to buy $50 nail polish to give it a go, as one beauty vlogger demonstrates:

Your nail’s catchment trap for crud and dirt just got a whole lot more fancy…   

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