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Watch: the latest episode of Downton Sixbey

Published: February 11, 2013 - 8:14AM

For those viewers still hanging on to Downton Abbey, we're sorry, but we have to ask, why? For everyone else, what follows is perhaps a humourous depiction of exactly why you're no longer watching the show. It's called Downton Sixbey, named after the studio -(number 6 - that Jimmy Fallon films his late night talk show in, and it contains every wonderfully ridiculous cliche you've come to recognise from the original, as well as a few quirks you may not. But may we say, ladies and lords, that it's the quirks that make the viewing all the more richer. And without further ado, may be present Brooke Shields, Fred Armisen, Jimmy Fallon and Whoopi Goldberg in the most ridiculous TV parody ever completed.



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