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Look book: Rita Ora

Annie Stevens
Published: November 15, 2012 - 8:20AM

If there's one thing that Rita Ora has in spades, it's swag. So much swag. The British singer and actress is unafraid to wear banana motifs, bling (so much bling) and acres of midriff. High top sneakers, fun prints and sexy silhouettes do much for Ora's sporty luxe aesthetic. She wears overalls with careless abandon, isn't adverse to trackpants and has attitude in buckets. Plus she's something of a chameleon, every photo shoot she does has a different personality but always, always, Rita Ora. Bold fashion choices, lots of red lipstick and that incredible curly hair make sure that Rita Ora is always the centrepiece and never the wallpaper. We've gathered together her best looks in the gallery above. Holla!

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