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Vote for Australia's most influential female voices

Published: November 26, 2012 - 7:47AM

2012 was the year that women destroyed the joint. The year our female Prime Minister became so frustrated with the entrenched sexism that exists in the Australian parliament that she broke her silence and rejected misogyny in a speech that echoed around the world. It was the year the RU486 drug became widely available to women in Australia, a year when 5000 people marched against "victim blaming" in a Reclaim the Night rally in the wake of Jill Meagher’s murder and a year when Alan Jones’ radio show aired free of advertisements due to public pressure.

There are the big milestones that have made this year significant for women and then there are the things that are less physical but just as seismic – in particular the resurgence of popular, vigorous and passionate discussions about feminism in the mainstream media.

And so we feel it’s important to recognise, support and celebrate the loud female voices that have driven women’s issues onto the public agenda, ignited debate and agitated for change this year.

Daily Life, would like your help to curate a list of Australia’s 20 most influential female voices of 2012. Who do you believe has had the most influence and who has inspired you most this year?

All you need to do to cast your vote is click here and tell us who you would like to nominate and why she’s earned your vote. You’ll also be entered in to the draw to win an iPad Mini.

Is it organisation leaders, activists, politicians, journalists, bloggers or some other kind of social change agent that you believe has made the most difference to women this year?

In selecting the final list the team at Daily Life will look for the nominees that have made a strong, public stand on issues that are important to women. We will ask: is this a woman that empowers other women? Has she been active/outspoken in the past 12 months? How has she used her influence? Has she been innovative? And what has she achieved?

We will also take in to account the measure of her influence: media (readership, ratings, and page impressions), social media (Facebook fans, Twitter followers and YouTube views), and platform (level of influence their role/job title brings).

We will announce the list of Australia’s Most Influential Female Voices next month.


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