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The 14 kinds of sexist commenters

Natalie Reilly
Published: November 12, 2012 - 9:13AM

You may have noticed by now that Daily Life is proudly feminist in tone, just yesterday many men noticed this for the first time when we published a piece on how to deal with a sexist remark. We love our femmo writers and the stories they skilfully weave for us. But for every punchy article, there are those commenters who can’t resist calling us names and telling us how the world really works. We’ve seen enough of them now we think we can start to group them into categories. We’ve come up with 14 but if you can think of any more, please, let us know.


1. The commenter who believes that there are more important things in this world to focus on and women should stop winging. And yet they’ve still taken the time to not only read but write several paragraphs in response to the article.


2. The recently divorced commenter whose wife was just awarded custody of the kids cos she’s a ‘f—n bitch who should rot in hell’ and feels that his issue is indicative of women as a whole and has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he’s the sort of person who hops on website threads and calls the mother of his children horrible names.


3.The commenter who tells us ‘women  -you’re all your own worst enemies’ even though we’re a women’s website that has just published the article.


4. The commenter who likes to hold up the article as a shining example of ‘crap journalism’ before going on to misspell several words, you know, to back up their case.


5. The commenter who tells us what we’re talking about is a ‘first world problem’ and appears blithely unaware that complaining about an article on a website on the internet in a first world country has now  just become – yep! - their own first world problem.



6.The commenter who wants to know when women are going to take responsibility for being prick teasers and ‘up yourselves’. Usually cites Bettina Arndt in his argument.


7.The commenter who thinks he’s being well-meaning and well-informed when he says that ‘chicks are more emotional – guys just aren’t and that’s science’.


8. The commenter who runs his own Men’s Group in which men recover their masculinity by hunting and lighting fires. This commenter has never picked up a book on anything approaching feminist theory and wants to know when we’ll start doing pieces on ‘misandry’ – the hatred of men. On a completely unrelated note, he is sick and tired of being told what to do by his mother and his ex wife and every other woman out there who has taken him for granted and then walked all over him.


9.The commenter who has read the title of the article and feels like that’s enough information to go on to formulate an argument about how stupid the writer is. NB: the reason we can tell the commenter has only read the heading is because they usually go on to agree with what the writer is saying.


10. The commenter who feels like this is an attack on their way of life because their wife chose to stay at home. And she LOVES IT.


11.The commenter who believes that any critique of another woman – no matter how respectful – is going against the laws of feminism and is therefore blasphemous.


12. The commenter who would like to know why there is even a Pink Ribbon Day in the first place. Even though the article he is commenting on is about dating.


13. The commenter who has talked to the women he knows and none of them have been raped so he fails to understand why we need to even publish these sort of silly articles.


14. The commenter who wants to know how it is that these women call themselves feminists but still wear lipstick and buy fashionable clothes.




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