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Daily Life is the best online source of news and lifestyle content for busy Australian women. It offers its readers the perfect daily mix of news, opinion, food, celebrity, style, beauty, health and relationships. It is dedicated to providing the best advice from the most dynamic contributors and, most importantly, a place for women to engage with each other and discuss the hot topics of the day.

Meet the Daily Life editorial team


Sarah Oakes

SARAH OAKES - Editor, Daily Life
Sarah Oakes is the Editor of Daily Life. Before launching the site in 2012 she spent many years editing magazines including Sunday Life, CLEO and Girlfriend. Her freelance writing has appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sunday Telegraph. She does not currently need any more pitches about disastrous online dating experiences.

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Candice Chung

CANDICE CHUNG - Deputy Editor, Daily Life
Candice Chung is a Sydney-based writer and producer for Daily Life. She delights in asking socially awkward questions in the name of work and maintains a cautiously optimistic outlook on the prospect of being related to Alexa. Her writing has appeared in CLEO, YEN, Sunday Life and a range of lifestyle websites.

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EFFIE MANN - Writer/Producer, Daily Life
Effie has worked in a variety of roles for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, contributing to news, real estate, travel and beauty since 2008. She is currently a writer and producer for Daily Life, and edits the site’s fashion, beauty and health sections.

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