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Daily Life is the best online source of news and lifestyle content for busy Australian women. It offers its readers the perfect daily mix of news, opinion, food, celebrity, style, beauty, health and relationships. It is dedicated to providing the best advice from the most dynamic contributors and, most importantly, a place for women to engage with each other and discuss the hot topics of the day.

Meet the Daily Life editorial team


Sarah Oakes

SARAH OAKES - Editor, Daily Life
Sarah Oakes is the Editor of Daily Life and a magazine veteran. She fought on the front line of the women's lifestyle sector editing titles including Sunday Life, CLEO and Girlfriend. She has won many awards. Most of them for participation. In high school. She is shamelessly passionate about TV shows that contain large-scale, highly produced musical numbers and believes a cup of tea solves everything.

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Candice Chung

CANDICE CHUNG - Deputy Editor, Daily Life
Candice Chung is a Sydney-based writer and producer for Daily Life. She delights in asking socially awkward questions in the name of work and maintains a cautiously optimistic outlook on the prospect of being related to Alexa. Her writing has appeared in CLEO, YEN, Sunday Life and a range of lifestyle websites.

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Natalie Reilly

NATALIE REILLY - Writer, Daily Life
Natalie Reilly has 12 years experience as a journalist having written for Grazia, Marie Claire, Who Magazine and Sunday Life, where as deputy editor she oversaw regular pages as well as penning her popular weekly Beauty column, and the etiquette column “Things You Should Know” which provided the basis for her forthcoming book, “What Your Mother Should Have Told you” out now.

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Annie Stevens

ANNIE STEVENS - Writer, Daily Life
Annie Stevens is a writer and producer for Daily Life. Writing for various publications including The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and Vogue has seen Annie do such things as jump off buildings and drive around the English countryside looking at the homes of dead literary idols. Prior to Daily Life Annie worked as a producer in the Sydney Morning Herald’s iPad team.

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Simone Mitchell

SIMONE MITCHELL - Writer, Daily Life
In her nine years as a journalist Simone Mitchell has nibbled pig’s ears, braved a comic book convention and driven a street sweeper all for the sake of a good story. She’s particularly passionate about film, food, travel and purchasing unnecessary items on Ebay. Simone represents the Daily Life team in Melbourne.

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